April 08, 2021

Natalia Danilova - Business Angel Startup Forum 2021

Member of the Global Businessmen Council
  • Founder of the Nail School-Studio, Odessa, Ukraine
20 years ago, MiniBoss Business School invented Startup Forums for children and youth, and BigBoss Business School created Startup Forums for entrepreneurs with experience innovating in a new business. This educational innovation has helped support and develop thousands of new entrepreneurs around the world!

Today it is already a powerful global movement of hundreds of well-known socially responsible entrepreneurs supporting a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs!

Business angels are extremely useful to the economy as investors who provide money to young companies without interest as grants or in exchange for equity participation in their projects.

At the Startup Forum, a business angel can provide different types of material support to startups:
  • issue a non-refundable amount of assistance - Grant,
  • become a partner by Investing in a startup,
  • redeem a certain batch of goods/services by making a pre-order, paying for it in full in advance.
In addition to material support, a business angel can offer consulting or mentoring support for a project.

A business angel can support one team or several, or even all teams with a grant, distributing a certain amount of money to them.

You can become a Business angel and a member of Global Businessmen Council if you are an entrepreneur, a top manager of a company or an individual who has an active socially responsible position, striving to bring positive changes to the development of his country and the region, as well as ready to support startups with financial resources necessary for the initial implementation of the idea into reality.

We would like to thank our business angels who support and inspire youngest startupers of the world!